Project Safe Hands

  • '​How To Survive The Dreaded Traffic Stop.'​

Pay close attention and please donate. The life you save could be your own or your son, daughter niece or nephew.

As a retired detective with 32 years of experience with the DC Police Department,

City Security Consultants and Homeland Security –

I’m deeply concerned about the safety of the good cop.

Too often people with no police or law enforcement experience,

stir up the hornet’s nest so-to-speak – and the good cop,

who has dedicated his life to the oath he swore to serve and protect –

is the only one who gets stung.

President Trump has emboldened a group of people that wouldn’t normally behave

in the manner they do – be it not for his nefarious remarks.

It concerns me because some police officers are ex-war vets and trained killers,

through no fault of their own and many will do as they are told to do,

right or wrong -- and that’s what concerns me. Traffic stops can be deadly,

especially when people feel that they know the law well enough to put officers on trial,

on the side of the road because they disagree with why they were stopped and some are disrespectful.

This is not smart and too many cops and motorist are being killed. In 2017 police killed 1,129 people,

which is more than all U.S. Troops killed worldwide that year -- more than mass shooters(428),

according to The Root and according to the Washington Post one out of every ten killed were unarmed.

This was the main reason for the National Anthem protest throughout the NFL.

With the resources available to police officers -- there's little- to no reason

for unarmed people to be killed. Project Safe Hands is designed to promote safety,

show support and create accountability.

This can be done when congress mandates the use of Safe Hands in all registered vehicles in the U.S..

Too many people are dying and the first and last thing some of them hear is 'SHOW ME YOUR HANDS';

One death is too many.

It’s a huge problem, especially at night when a walking cane can resemble a rifle.

When police officers are approaching vehicles -- some with overly tinted windows --

they don't know who or what's behind the wheel. Safe Hands can be a refreshing sight! Once again,

because it's often asked -- how do they work. Safe Hands --

have a sewn in plastic clip that resembles a huge hair pin or bobby pin that attaches to the car sun visor.

You slide your hands into the mitts when pulled over by an officer and place them out the window

and leave them there until instructed by the officer.

Much of the proceeds from the sale of Safe Hands will benefit the family of officers killed in the line of duty while making traffic stops -- The Wounded Warriors and citizens killed because of bad decisions by officers; they do make mistakes.

We all make mistakes, doctors, lawyers, congressmen and senators.

There are no perfect people and sadly -- money or the loss of it,

often plays a huge roll in creating accountability.

Tell your congressperson to make Safe Hands a mandate.

Too many lives are lost on traffic stops. SHOW US YOUR HANDS congress and make us feel safe. People are dying.

Safe Hands are manufactured by Arena Manufacturers in Phoenix, AZ for Edna Products, Inc., 4727 E Bell Rd. STE 45-441 Phoenix, AZ 85032 301-213-0212

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Safe Hands

What is Project Safe Handstm?

A method of making visible -- the hands of motorist, especially at night -- on traffic stops.


By using a pair of reflective patent pending half mittens that cover only the fingers of the driver’s hands, leaving the thumbs exposed.


One of the main reasons an officer gives for firing his or her weapon is often the fact that they couldn’t see or didn’t see the motorist hands or thought the motorist was reaching for a gun.

These mitts save lives! According to the FBI and Force Science Institute -- death by traffic stop is now the number one cause of police fatality nationwide. Remove the fear during traffic stops while showing support for POLICE OFFICERS killed in the line of duty while making traffic stops as well as WOUNDED WARRIORS, people with DISABILITIES because people with disabilities do drive.

How do they work?

These mitts are designed to cover only the fingers, leaving the thumbs exposed and lessening the chance of concealing a weapon within. They are attached by a small chain or cord. These mitts are attached that way to limit the movement of a motorist hands and promote a safer environment for the officer and motorist on a traffic stop.

The mitts are attached to the car’s sun visor by a plastic clip sewn into the mitts and worn only when pulled over by an officer. They 're made from high visibility mesh with 100% polyurethane filling.

What is The Purpose Again?

The objective is to save lives of officers and motorist. To give financial support to WOUNDED WARRIORS and the family of officers killed in the line of duty while making traffic stops as well as educate motorist about what to expect when stopped by officers and to create accountability on the part of officers.

Because we realize that there must be accountability on the part of officers -- monies may be redistributed if it's determined that fault in fact lies with the officer(s) involved when there is a fatality. No money is to be used as a defense fund by either party involved.

All of this and more will be achieved when the use of Safe Hands is mandated by the U.S Congress -- for all registered vehicles in the United States.Call your congressman and go to to donate or click the donate button below.